The Art of Giving Back: Designs on Drawers

The Art of Giving Back: Designs on Drawers, a benefit auction hosted by HandO Furniture Inc. last April has successfully raised a grand total of Php 277,000, donating to multiple charity organizations around the Philippines. Earlier this year, the online fundraising initiative had called upon 12 local artists to design HandO’s Scarlett Metal Stage Drawers. These included, Reen Barrera, Tammy De Roca, JP Duray, Christian “CHANO” Fernandez, Ang Gerilya, Maribel Magpoc, Leeroy New, Rainiere Ramiro, Kookoo Ramos, Brent Sabas, JM Saycon, and Micole Tam. Each of them were given the opportunity to choose which foundation they wanted to donate the proceeds to after the auction.


1. Philippine Taxonomic Initiative

Photo Courtesy of Philippine Taxonomic Initiative Organization


Not only did Kookoo Ramos donate Php 6,500 to the Philippine Taxonomic Initiative from the proceeds of her designed drawer. Her drawer had also won the Php 50,000 cash prize from the fan voting contest held on HandO’s Facebook page. All of which were donated to her charity of choice as well. This non-profit organization is all about discovering new plants and animals in the Philippines, as well as supporting local taxonomists and ecology research.


2. Hope for the Heart and Soul Foundation

Photo Courtesy of The Hope for the Heart and Soul Foundation

"Kinahong Pangarap"

Together with Reen Barrera and his drawer, “Kinahong Pangarap,” HandO was able to donate Php 50,500 to the Hope for the Heart and Soul Foundation. This non-profit organization has been teaching and inspiring children through different uses of art.


3. Hello Happy PH


Photo Courtesy of Hello Happy Philippines

"To Be Here"

Tammy De Roca and her drawer, “To Be Here,” garnered Php 13,000, which has all been donated to Hello Happy PH. This non-profit organization has been lending a helping hand to people who are in need of a life coach or mental wellness partner. They aim to assist people in helping them discover their purpose.


4. Project Smile

Photo Courtesy of Project Smile Organization


“HELP” designed by Christian “CHANO” Fernandez gave HandO the opportunity to donate Php 7,500 to Project Smile, a non-profit organization that has been uplifting the lives of underprivileged Filipinos. They held campaigns such as “Special School Aid” where they donated school supplies to children who couldn’t afford the basic necessities for school.


5. Child Hope Philippines

Photo Courtesy of Child Hope Philippines Foundation


A total of Php 8,500 from Ang Gerilya’s designed drawer, “Rambol,” were donated to Child Hope Philippines Foundation Inc. A non-profit organization that protects the rights of street children. As well as providing them proper education, shelter, and food.


6. Miss Possibilities Foundation

Photo Courtesy of Miss Possibilities Foundation

"Faces of Possibilities"

HandO, along with Maribel Magpoc and her drawer, “Faces of Possibilities,” was able to donate Php 6,500 to the Miss Possibilities Foundation. This non-profit organization has been organizing pageants for little girls who have disabilities or special needs. This is to help them build their confidence and remind them of how beautiful they truly are. 


7. Samahan ng Nagkakaisang Pamilyang ng Pantawid (SNPP)

Photo Courtesy of SNPP Organization


Leeroy New’s designed drawer, “Disco,” raised a total of Php 17,000 and all of the proceeds has been donated to Samahan ng Nagkakaisang Pamilyang ng Pantawid (SNPP). This non-profit organization has held town hall meetings regarding the pandemic and other issues that need to be resolved. They encourage and aim to speak up for what is needed for the people, especially the less fortunate.


8. Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

Photo Courtesy of PAWS Foundation


Alongside Rainiere Ramiro and his drawer, “Prophecies,” HandO donated Php 10,000 to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). This non-profit organization has been taking in neglected and abused animals to their shelter and putting them up for adoption.

Once again, art has connected people from different walks of life. This campaign brought a lot of talented local artists, art enthusiasts, and charity organizations together for one cause, which was to help one another during this pandemic. At the same time, it showcased how versatile HandO’s drawers can be - a blank canvas, accent piece, and storage for all kinds of materials! The Art of Giving Back: Designs on Drawers hoped that it had left an impact on a lot of people’s lives and that it brought a sense of community.

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