HandOg Community Giveback

2020 has commenced hazily with uncontainable fumes of fear and worry seething across the globe. From the Australian bushfires to the eruption of the small yet notoriously unforgiving Taal volcano- these consecutive events sent an anticipatory sign that led all of us to put our guards as high as we can. Nevertheless, no amount of apprehension could have prepared the world for the unprecedented emergence of the sly disease known as the COVID-19.

So how does a vulnerable nation strive to find its way back to the light?

In the past, we see individual volunteers/ groups flocking to disaster-stricken areas post-calamity as rare sightings of heroes in the flesh. Nowadays, being a hero is an innate part of being a Filipino just waiting to be unleashed. Whether you are a business tycoon who can release monetary donations in a snap, an online merchant soaking in screen time to earn extra, a student drowning in a pile of modules, a street vendor chasing after your next sale, or a regular employee grinding your way to the next payday, you can definitely pay it forward. 

It is true what they say that kindness is contagious. (That, and this 2020 villain of a disease called COVID19) Having been inspired by the spirit of giving circulating all over the world, the HandO Team geared up to share some blessings to keep the loop of kindness going. 

In a Three Part COVID19 Relief Effort under the HandOg Community Giveback, HandO Furniture Inc. was able to extend its helping hand by giving out chairs, meals, and PPE’s to the groups of medical frontliners who have knocked on our door. 

1. Giving what we give best- comfortable ergonomic chairs- San Lazaro Hospital

Hailed as the country’s top infectious disease facility, the San Lazaro Hospital is where the very first case of COVID-19 in the country was recorded. Since January, the said institution has been crammed with patients in need of immediate attention, resulting in its employees working for an extended period of time and taking extra precautions. 

One of San Lazaro Hospital’s departments reached out to HandO Furniture for ergonomic chair donations so the employees can finally trade their old plastic chairs for new ones that are more suitable for work. Without hesitations, HandO Furniture Inc. graciously responded to their request and distributed 5 Joe B Chairs 

2. Light refreshments to get through the heavy day- Citihub Dormitories

The Citihub is a social enterprise which utilizes recycled shipping containers to provide affordable and accessible housing to Filipinos. At present, the majority of Citihub’s occupants are frontliners because each branch is strategically located near terminals and other key points along the metro. 

On May 19, 2020,  HandO Furniture Inc. coordinated with Citihub’s general manager, Mr. Panya Boonsirithum, in providing meals for the frontliners staying at Citihub dormitories. Through this initiative,  the HandO Team was able to distribute a total of 550 snacks to frontliners in four different Citihub Dormitory locations. 

3. Protective gears and filling snacks- Lung Center of the Philippines

The Lung Center of the Philippines has been assigned as one of the COVID-19 referral hospitals by the Department of Health. It made the headlines back in March when its workers pleaded for donations after their supply of PPE suits and isolation gowns dropped to less than a hundred. Their plea resonated all over the country and it did not take long before they were able to receive their much needed safety gears.

HandO Furniture Inc. did not miss its chance to join the cycle of giving and delightfully responded by donating 50,000 pesos worth of PPE suits and meals in partnership with Cindy’s Bakery. The initiative catered not only to the medical frontliners but also to the other employees belonging to the security, kitchen, and maintenance crew.  

This is only the beginning of HandO Furniture’s commitment to transforming lives and sowing seeds of hope for a brighter tomorrow. Less than two years since its establishment and the small team was able to touch hundreds of lives. Imagine what HandO can bring to the table in the fruitful years to come.

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