Untitled by Kookoo Ramos for Philippine Taxonomic Initiative Inc.

Sale price₱13,000


Untitled by Kookoo Ramos
For the benefit of Philippine Taxonomic Initiative Inc.

Medium: Spray Paint

Kookoo started as a street artist, painting on walls around Metro Manila in 2009, and transitioned into a full-time, professional mural artist in 2015. Her pieces are mainly focused on female portrait illustrations juxtaposed with colorful abstraction and familiar organic elements.

Philippine Taxonomic Initiative Inc. is a non-profit organization that is focused on advancing the discovery and description of plants and animals in the Philippines, providing local taxonomists with the skills they need to do this work autonomously, and supporting research into the ecology of new plant and animal species.


To bid, send HandO a private message on Facebook or Instagram stating the title of the designed drawer, artist, bid offer, and contact details!

Note: increments of P1,000

A cash prize of Php50,000 will also be donated to the non-profit foundation of the artist who wins the fan voting contest! To vote, react to the picture of your favorite designed drawer in HandO's Facebook album post! 

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