Adelaide Vanity Set

Color: Cream
Sale price₱50,400


All hail the QUEEN!

Unleash your inner queen as you fix yourself pretty in this premium vanity set.

This set includes a beautifully crafted, bauhaus-inspired vanity table equipped with a mirror and built-in drawers.The assymetry makes the Adelaide table an interesting piece, standing with one side in soft curvature and the other side in edgy geometric steel base.

Balancing the intricacy of the table is its simple yet highly comfortable cushioned stool.

Both the table and the stool are wrapped in premium leatherette- the kind of craftsmanship that puts the Adelaide vanity set under the radar of beauty enthusiasts who are after the extraordinary.

Material: PU leather upholstery; Aluminum base



Length - 100cm
Width - 52cm
Height - 75cm


Length - 42cm
Width - 31cm
Height - 46cm

Colors available: Cream, Teal, and Orange

Please note: Item is unassembled. Please add Assembly Fee on cart if you'd item to be assembled.

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